My Year in Books: 2019

Admittedly, my Goodreads Reading Challenges have been rather hit or miss over the last few years. Sometimes the year just runs away with me and, before I realize, December comes creeping around the corner and I’ve only managed to reach half of my reading goal I so valiantly (and optimistically) set for the year. On the rare occasion though, I’ll end up reaching my goal of books read for the year, and then the real celebratory boasting may commence. Que, my smug self casually dropping into conversation that I’ve read X number of books this year.

This year I’m proud to boast that not only did I reach my goal to read 20 books, but that for the first time on record I actually managed to beat it *insert epic air punch here*. Now whether this was because we had a bumper year of really stellar books published in 2019 or because I got hooked on a delightfully delicious fantasy series towards the end of the year, is not really the important bit. Oh no no, the high that will be seeing me over the finish line of 2019 is having read 21 really good books – here are 5 of my absolute faves: