Books: Midnight Sun (Twilight #1.5) by Stephenie Meyer

To say the latest edition to The Twilight Saga was long awaited would be the most gross of understatements 2020 has seen to date. Rather, this new instalment in the enduring love story of human girl Bella, her vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend was begged for, pined after, petitioned and reimagined a hundred times over in the 12 years since the leaking of the partial manuscript . Needless to say, I was as anxious as any other Twi-hard fan girl to get my hands on the most coveted retelling of Twilight, told through Edward’s perspective. However, in the years since the explosion that was this Saga across the world, my views, opinions and life experiences have led me to see this series in a vastly different light to that of the adoring and naive 17 year old who was enamoured by Stephenie Meyer’s entrancing world. So Edward Cullen…I have some thoughts and they need to be shared.

Books: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games #0.5)

The last time I checked into the literary world of these dystopian thrillers, I was a smart-mouthed teenager with the idea that I somehow vaguely understood the struggles and hardships of these characters. Flash forward 10 odd years later and the way I actually read this story now has changed dramatically.

Film & TV: To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You

As an absolutely devoted fan of the book series I, among with the rest of this mega fan base, had been eagerly anticipating the release of this follow up to the hugely successful first film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Lara Jean is member of a very select club of main characters that can do no wrong in the eyes of her readership, and the relatability and innocence of this timeless story theme have won over the hearts of viewers and readers alike. Getting straight down to the real reason you’re reading this (let’s be honest), does the movie live up to the book? Hhmm…it’s close but still no cigar, and here’s why: 

Books: The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I remember reading The Night Circus quite a fair bit of time ago and thinking back to that first reading experience of Erin Morgenstern’s work, I can recall the spectacular, magical, ethereal qualities that formed the vivid literary world within the story. In her most recent (and only second) piece of literature, Morgenstern achieves that same mystical whimsicalness in her writing, that leaves the reader encapsulated by the weird and wonderful. Just as with The Night Circus, I was left entranced by the story I’d consumed while also oddly perplexed at its conclusion.

My Year in Books: 2019

Admittedly, my Goodreads Reading Challenges have been rather hit or miss over the last few years. Sometimes the year just runs away with me and, before I realize, December comes creeping around the corner and I’ve only managed to reach half of my reading goal I so valiantly (and optimistically) set for the year. On the rare occasion though, I’ll end up reaching my goal of books read for the year, and then the real celebratory boasting may commence. Que, my smug self casually dropping into conversation that I’ve read X number of books this year.

This year I’m proud to boast that not only did I reach my goal to read 20 books, but that for the first time on record I actually managed to beat it *insert epic air punch here*. Now whether this was because we had a bumper year of really stellar books published in 2019 or because I got hooked on a delightfully delicious fantasy series towards the end of the year, is not really the important bit. Oh no no, the high that will be seeing me over the finish line of 2019 is having read 21 really good books – here are 5 of my absolute faves: