Hello Out There…And Welcome

Wow, this is it. I’ve taken the plunge, taken the leap, taken the chance. This blog has been an idea that was a long time coming, but I’m so excited that I’ve finally mustered up the courage to start it. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m determined to figure it all out.

I suppose the next thing to do is introduce myself. Hi there…I’m Stephanie, a twenty six year old whose finally found the balls to do what she’s been thinking about doing for the last four years or so. I discovered my love for content creation through Instagram and Youtube, by following people that seemed to spark something within me. Growing up, getting on the internet involved a dial up connection, endlessly waiting for the scratching noises to cease, which meant your lifeline to the outside world was finally secured and a world of information was at your finger tips, as long as you were patient enough for the page to load. Now, with the way people use the internet having drastically changed, things are a little different. We have access to it on almost every device, every platform and everywhere we go. And everyone has their own little space, curated with exactly what they want to see.

After years, and years of watching some of my favourite content creators produce the most amazing work, I’ve at long last found the spark within me to do the same. I work the usually forty hours a week (although not the traditional nine to five; try more like a four thirty wake up call, yikes), in a typical office job. I do the sad commute to and from the city, Monday to Friday, and while the job pays the bills and keeps the lights on, it lacks the ability to spark up my imagination and creativity.

That’s where you come, or rather this blog. While The Serene Life is still in the early stages of development, I know that I want it to be a place where creativity, design, imagination and a touch of the well written word come together to form my own curated space on the internet. I would like it to be somewhere that anyone can come to and find something that sparks joy within their souls, while fulfilling the need to create within mine. Being a woman in her mid-twenties, with the chaos of young adulthood fading into the background, I’m starting to explore different areas of my interests more throughly, in the hope of honing them down to things that contribute to a meaningful and well balanced life.

What could these interests be, you’re probably thinking. Well, they range from cooking, baking, beauty, skincare, home decor, photography, fashion, travel and books to name a few. The Serene Life aims to take all these aspects of lifestyle, adventure wellness and beauty, and channel it all into some great online content that I hope you, as a reader will find helpful, interesting, engaging and useful in your day to day life.

So welcome to my positive little corner of the online community. I hope we can all inspire, create and enjoy The Serene Life together!



One thought on “Hello Out There…And Welcome

  1. Haha, I also wrote a review about this movie on my blog;) I enjoyed the movie but, I agree that John Ambrose did not have enough screen time to develop and convince the audience that he could be “boyfriend material”. While I like John Ambrose, Peter(in my opinion) is the only one for Lara Jean. Also, I love your picture with the nook, laptop, cookies, and a mug(of what I’m assuming is either coffee or hot cholate). It’s very aesthetically pleasing!!(This comment is meant for your most recent post but, for whatever reason it wouldn’t send).


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