The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow by Zoe Sugg and Amy McCulloch

*Thank you Penguin Random House for the gifted review copy. Apologies in advance for the slightly cheeky review*

Zoe Sugg, aka UK blogger Zoella, aka one of the best examples of hitting the Youtube goldmine, graces the shelves of bookstores around the world with her latest addition to the already swamped teen murder-mystery genre, The Magpie Society (book 1, of course). The story, set in a dreary English boarding school, follows the perspectives of Audrey, the new American student fumbling her way through British cultural quirks and Ivy, the generic straight A student, secretly struggling to keep up appearances. Both of these thrillingly original character arches are set against the backdrop of the death of fellow student Lola, the popular and projected new Head Girl of Illumen Hall, the previous Summer. Add in the classic mean girl cliques, some scandalous whispered rumours and a student determined to uncover the truth and hey presto – you’ve got yourself the most generic plotline in the teen reads genre. But hey, at least Zoe credited her ghost writer this time!

January Kindle Monthly Deals: My Top Picks

As a new month rolls around, one of my favourite bookworm activities involves getting my Kindle out and doing ALOT of scrolling – a new month means new Kindle book deals over on Amazon. Now, I’m well aware of the seemingly age-old debate between the page turning devotees and the tech-loving ebook converts but, putting these arguments aside for just a moment, I can’t help but declare that I’m a sucker for a great Kindle book deal. In the spirit of savy saving in conjunction with a little book hoarding, I thought a monthly round up of Kindle Deal Highlights on the blog might give you as much joy in snagging a bestseller at a steal as I do.

Film & TV: The Crown Season 4

Whether you’re an avid royal watcher or can’t name of the Queen of England during a hotly contested round of 30 Seconds, chances are pretty high you’ve heard about the new season of the Netflix series, The Crown. After its surreptitious debut back in 2016, The Crown has been somewhat of a slow burn in terms of popularity amongst the history docu-series genre. To fair, unless you’re vaguely interested in Queen Elizabeth’s early years or the political landscape of post-war Britain, it’s unlikely this series appeared high up on your binge watch list. Until now that is, thanks in most part to the shimmer and shine that is Princess Diana.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo / Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

If there is one thing I know to be certain it’s that we all acknowledge 2020 has not been the one for most people. And while I’m sure this year will go down as one most certainly to forget for many, a particular highlight I will look back on is my discovery of the pure literary joy of Taylor Jenkins Reid. That said, I thought it rather fitting to post my thoughts on each of these delightful reads together, as I could no more separate my reviews as I could the interwoven threads that bind the themes of these two stories together. Covering different eras and vastly different characters, both books are mastery in the work of reflection and how looking back to a period of time can shift perception and provide clarity for those seeking it.

Food: The Anna Edit’s ‘Levain-Style’ Cookies

*All credit for this recipe goes to The Anna Edit*

As someone who enjoys dabbling in the world of baking, I am always on the lookout for quick, simple recipes that have a minimal flop rate and an overwhelming approval rate amoungst taste testers. Baking can be a pretty finicky process to master and so, if there’s a cheats version to a delicious treat that I know will turn out looking like I spent hours in the kitchen, I’m there for it 100%. And that’s exactly what this recipe is – thank you Anna!